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Ferbane Nursing Home

Social & Recreational

Ferbane Nursing Home - Social & Recreational

The residents partake in art classes each week with Caroline. Caroline has brought lots of ideas and creativity to her role and the art work is proudly displayed on the walls of the nursing home. 

At Ferbane Nursing Home we believe in the phrase that ‘old age is always 10 years younger than I am’.


Our in house administrator/musician Olivia provides regular sing a long sessions and a guitar or accordian is never far from her hands. In addition, a local musician joins us for a weekly hooly where all residents and staff enjoy the dancing and the sing a long. 


Thanks to the rich history of Ferbane Nursing Home, the residents and the local community celebrate Mass in the chapel at the nursing home three times per week on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. In addition, a resident-led group say the rosary each day after lunch.


Our residents enjoy engaging in a wide range of activities that are tailored to suit individual interests and preferences. Our bi-weekly Sonas sessions and daily exercise classes are always well attended by the residents.