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Clarenbridge Nursing Home

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Life Beyond Brain Injury     ›

Posted Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Brain injuries can result from many causes including strokes, road traffic accidents, falls, farm and sports accidents and the need for rehabilitation is the reality in the aftermath of these life changing events. A long journey begins, to retrain the body in regaining some level of independence. These are the topics being discussed at the upcoming information event ‘Life Beyond Brain Injury’ which will take place in Clarenbridge Nursing Home from 12 noon to 2.00pm on Friday 3rd May. Expert guest speakers from the National Rehabilitation Hospital will include - Valerie Toomy, Brain Injury Programme Manager, Rachel McGlade, Outreach Brain Liaison, NRH and Caitriona Begley, Admissions Co-ordinator as well as Nuala Connolly, Director of Nursing, Clarenbridge Nursing Home.
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Clarenbridge Nursing Home is located in the scenic coastal countryside of south County Galway, 10 minutes drive from the village of Clarenbridge and 30 minutes from Galway city.

Do not regret growing older. It is a privilege denied to many.~ Author Unknown

It is the perfect place to retreat, recuperate and rehabilitate following an illness, injury or surgery. There is a specialised unit to care for people with acquired brain and spinal injuries. The nursing home is registered with the Health Information and Quality Authority (HIQA) and is an approved residential site for residents over 18 years of age. This makes it a unique environment for all age groups as it replicates society/reality with an inter-generational age profile.

There is a strong commitment to ongoing quality improvement through monitoring and measurement of health outcomes. All residents are risk assessed and the primary focus is on quality and safety of care ensuring a high standard of care at all times. The essence of care is personalised to promote independence, health and wellbeing by offering a holistic approach to care.

Wrinkles should merely indicate where the smiles have been.~ Mark Twain

Admission process

Admissions are pre-planned, elective or emergency. The referral process is via hospital, family or self-referral. All admissions are based on the capability of the nursing home to meet the persons care needs. Residents are assessed by a nurse manager prior to admission. Residents and/or their families are invited to visit the nursing home initially to view the services that are available on-site. Residents can remain under the care of their GP and should they wish to transfer to the care of the local GPs this will be facilitated. Residents under the care of the local GP Dr. Hannigan and Dr. Hogan are seen routinely every two weeks in the nursing home and more frequently as required.


Clarenbridge Nursing Home is approved by all the leading health insurance companies and private health care such as AVIVA, VHI, LAYA, Gardai BUPA or privately. The fair deal – HSE nursing home support scheme is the most commonly means of funding for nursing home care. Residents apply directly to for this scheme.