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Windmill Nursing Group was established in 2013 and is owned by Mr Pat Kennedy and Mr Denis McElligott. There are five nursing homes in the group which are based in Galway, Offaly, Limerick and Cork. Each nursing home is managed by a Director of Nursing who has a strong team of specialised clinical staff. The multidisciplinary team includes’ nurses, physiotherapists and occupational therapists.

Clinical Nursing Care

As part of its workforce plan for the future, the Windmill Nursing Group is recruiting nurses and healthcare assistants. The group is in the early phase of expansion and wishes to build on its strong workforce to provide excellent standards of care to all residents.

Nurse Recruitment and Retention

The group wishes to recruit nurses who are interested in working in specialised units caring for residents with Acquired Brain and Spinal Injuries, Psychiatric conditions and Intellectual Disability in addition to units caring for admissions for long-term care, convalescence with post-acute medical or surgical conditions.

Recruitment and Retention

The group provides new staff with a minimum of one month’s orientation and familiarity with the workplace and full on-site training and education. The group has a comprehensive training programme which promotes active learning and continuous professional development. There are promotional opportunities and retention incentives available for suitable staff.

Relocating to Ireland

Come join this new and exciting group and gain expertise in your chosen nursing field and benefit from the security of what our group has to offer. There is a dedicated human resource staff member appointed to support you with your transition to Ireland. If you are considering moving with your family you will be assisted with locating accommodation, transport and schools.

Nurse Relocation packages include;

  • Assistance with travel and accommodation.
  • Assistance with registration with the Irish Nursing Board.
  • Full employment in the nursing home until registered with the Irish Nursing Board.
  • Other benefits will be included based on experience and qualifications
  • You will be assigned a buddy to assist with all aspects involved in a move to Ireland
  • 4 weeks annual leave per year
  • 36 hour working week

Nursing Home Locations

  1. Clarenbridge Nursing Home (Galway) / contact Vicky at directly for more information
  2. Ferbane Nursing Home (Offaly) / contact Evie at
  3. Windmill House Nursing Home (Cork) / contact Evie at
  4. Abbot Close Nursing Home(Limerick) / contact Evie at
  5. Killeline Nursing Home (Limerick) / contact Evie at