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Healthcare Assistant Recruitment & Retention

Sensitivity in Caring

Healthcare Assistant Recruitment and Retention

Come and join the Windmill Group to gain experience and expertise in our nursing homes and benefit from the security of what our group has to offer. The group wishes to recruit healthcare assistants who are dedicated and driven individuals.

Recruitment and Retention

The group provides new staff with a minimum of two weeks orientation and familiarity with the workplace and full on-site training and education. The group has a comprehensive training programme which promotes active learning and continuous professional development. The company actively supports staff to continue their education and learning to improve the knowledge base within the nursing homes. There are promotional opportunities and retention incentives available for suitable staff.

Healthcare Assistant Relocation packages include;

  • Assistance with travel and accommodation.
  • Other benefits will be included based on experience and qualifications
  • 4 weeks annual leave per year
  • 36 hour working week

Nursing Home Locations

  1. Clarenbridge Nursing Home (Galway) / contact Vicky at directly for more information
  2. Ferbane Nursing Home (Offaly) / contact Evie at
  3. Windmill House Nursing Home (Cork) / contact Evie at
  4. Abbot Close Nursing Home(Limerick) / contact Evie at
  5. Killeline Nursing Home (Limerick) / contact Evie at